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Porto Zoro is one of the most picturesque beaches on the Vassilikos peninsula of Zante island. The beach is located about 15 kilometres from Zakynthos town and about two kilometres from Vassilikos village. Although popular with trippers, the beach at Porto Zoro rarely gets very crowded. This maybe due to the number of pebbles on the beach and notoriously expensive bars and tavernas.

The main feature of Porto Zoro are the impressive rock formations just off the beach to the east that look just like a clump of mushrooms and make for some great snorkelling.

The beach at Porto Zoro is mostly sharp sand and pebble and it can shelve quite steeply, especially near the rocks, so care must be taken with children.

Beach bar/tavernas, set in trees at the back of the beach, open in the summer and owners put out plenty of sunbeds and brollies as there is not much natural shade to be found on the beach at Porto Zoro.

Porto Zoro beach is reached along a narrow road, off the main road from Vassilikos to Argassi and there is plenty of space for parking although the road down to the beach is very steep.

Although there is a small car park at the back of the beach, coaches park at the top of the hill so visitors can expect a steep walk if they head on there a coach trip.

The Porto Zoro Hotel overlooks the beach, but the taverna nearby has a reputation for belting out thumping disco music all day and former regular beach visitors, annoyed by the noise, now recommend nearby Gerakas as a much quieter beach alternative .

There is also another small pebble beach 1km to the north at Kaminia near the village of Xirokastello.

zante blue caves

The remarkable sea caves of Zante are made even more dramatic thanks to the pure white cliffs and seabed which enhances the azure colour of the water to create a simply stunning seascape.

zante byzantine museum iconostasis

The Byzantine Museum of Zakynthos is located in the heart of Zaknte Town in Solomou Square, in Zakynthos town and houses a rich and interesting collection of art and artefacts.

zante navagio shipwreck beach

A boat trip to Shipwreck Cove is one of the most popular excursions for those on holiday in Zante and the beach must be considered one of the most spectacular sights in the Greek islands.

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Argassi or Argasi beach is the nearest decent beach to Zakynthos Town and that does something to explain its popularity with UK tour operators. This is the perfect family friendly resort.

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