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The Blue Caves of Zante

zante blue caves

Sea cave complex dazzles the tourist visitors.

The Blue Caves of Zante are one of the most popular boat trip excursions to be offered on the holiday island in the Ionian Sea. The natural sea cave complex is found to the north of the island located in the cliffs below Cape Skinari where the waters have made deep inroads into the soft limestone.

The remarkable sea caves are made even more dramatic thanks to the pure white cliffs and seabed which enhances the azure colour of the water to create a simply stunning seascape.

Excursion boats arrive every day during the summer bringing thousands of holiday visitors to admire the impressive caves, some of which are large enough to allow the small boats to sail inside.

Approachable only by boat, any time of day is good to see the caves but sunrise and sunset are when the sea is most likely to be calm and the colours at their most dazzling.

The sunlight is refracted off the white pebbles sea while the blue sky is reflected in the water to create a magical atmosphere.

First opened to the public in 1897 the Blue Caves have been the popular destination of tourists ever since. The biggest of the caves is the Kianoun Cave, also called the Blue Grotto.

The nearest boat depature point is at the small harbor of Agios Nikolaos, near the village of Volimes, but boat trips leave from many other points on the island, most notable the large tourist centres.

Boat cruises leave from Laganas and the capital town of Zakynthos, but many visitors recommend the Agios Nikolaos trip as the port is much closer to the caves and the the smaller cruise boats can venture deep inside the caves.

The caves are unusually good for snorkelling and for scuba diving with plenty of marine life that can be explored in detail in the astonishingly clear blue light.

Inside the Blue Caves, the shafts of bright sunlight filtering through the milky azure water lends a dreamlike quality to the underwater experience.

Visitors who stay on the boat can still enjoy some breathtaking sights as sunlight washed through the limestone arches

A boat trip to the Blue Caves is often combined with a stop at the famous beach of Navagio. or Shipwreck Beach, which is only few minutes away.

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