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Stegna beach guide Rhodes

Stegna beach on Rhodes is found at the end of a long, steep and winding lane signposted off the main road about 30 kilometres south of Rhodes Town and beyond the village of Archangelos. Stegna, or Stegana as it is sometimes called, is a small and pretty resort where the main street backs onto a long stretch of golden sand that ends at a small harbour at one end.

During the day there is a quiet, family atmosphere at Stegna with a single large hotel that caters mainly for Germans and several small apartments and villas dotted around.

Evenings in Stegna can be a little more lively, especially along the more popular stretches of sand where beach parties are a feature, although it never gets too noisy.

Stegna beach is a mixture of sand and pebble, mostly pebble on the northern half, with shallow waters. There is a beach cantina and some water sports.

German tourists tend to monopolise the part of Stegna beach that is nearest to the hotel. Ciques regularly pull in at the Stegna beach jetty throughout the day to swell the numbers with day trippers adding to those relaxing on the rest of the sands.

In Stegna village are a few more tavernas, a couple of mini-markets and car hire firms. A bus runs the daily route to Rhodes Town and another bus runs south to Lindos from nearby Archangelos, although you'll need to be pretty fit to tackle the steep hill that climbs out of Stegna to Archangelos.

rhodes ialysos

Ialysos is one of the three ancient cities of the holiday island of Rhodes. Ancient Ialyssos is located at the summit of a fortified hill at Filerimos about 15 km away from the city of Rhodes.

rhodes monolithos castle

A favourite day trip destination for the island of Rhodes' coach tour operators the jaw dropping Monolithos castle is perched on the summit of a sheer 236 metre high rock outcrop.

rhodes butterfly valley

The butterfly valley of Rhodes is located on the west of the island about five kilometres south of the village of Theologos and this is one of the most attractive destinations on the island.

rhodes palace of grand master

Rhodes has been dubbed the Crusader Island thanks to its extraordinary wealth of medieval forts and monuments but nowhere is more impressive than the Old City area of Rhodes itself.

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