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Sugar-cubed houses clustered above a wide horseshoe bay make Lindos, located on the east coast about 50 kilometres from Rhodes Town, one of the most photogenic of Greek island resorts. The narrow, cobbled streets of Lindos are pedestrian only and many houses boast beautiful black-and-white pebble courtyards.

Lindos is a beautiful place, but can get so packed you may have to queue just to walk along the narrow, pebble-paved, serpentine streets. Tourist shops and bars line the streets and feed off the passing throng with a relentless, mercenary ruthlessness.

Mercifully, high rise hotels have been banned inside the Lindos town limits and discos are confined to the outskirts. But the music bars still blare out noise all day, even when they are deserted.

The main attraction for boat trippers is the ancient Lindos Acropolis. It perches on the headland overlooking Lindos beach, enclosed by the walls of a Crusader fortress.

It is impressive to visit when the visitor swarms have left but a dire experience when surrounded by camera-clicking trippers. A temple to Athena has capped the rock outcrop above Lindos since the 4th century BC.

Fortification by the Knights of St John make for a blend of ancient and medieval at Lindos castle, with Italian restoration work and Greek cement completing the modern mix.

Lindos is noted for it rooftop restaurants which can be found all the way up the hillsides. Romantic they may be but they mostly excel at offering less for more. The food is mediocre at best and the vegetables are almost invariably tinned.

Lindos has a small laundry in the centre of the village, and there are plenty of minimarkets and a bakery. There are two cash points and an information office in the square.

Regular buses run north and south with timetables posted in the square, where there is also a taxi rank and telephone kiosk. There are six buses per day to Rhodes Town, plus a boat departing early-morning and returning mid-afternoon.

rhodes ialysos

Ialysos is one of the three ancient cities of the holiday island of Rhodes. Ancient Ialyssos is located at the summit of a fortified hill at Filerimos about 15 km away from the city of Rhodes.

rhodes monolithos castle

A favourite day trip destination for the island of Rhodes' coach tour operators the jaw dropping Monolithos castle is perched on the summit of a sheer 236 metre high rock outcrop.

rhodes butterfly valley

The butterfly valley of Rhodes is located on the west of the island about five kilometres south of the village of Theologos and this is one of the most attractive destinations on the island.

rhodes palace of grand master

Rhodes has been dubbed the Crusader Island thanks to its extraordinary wealth of medieval forts and monuments but nowhere is more impressive than the Old City area of Rhodes itself.

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