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Kolymbia beach guide Rhodes

Rhodes Kolymbia

Photo: Wendy Harris

A long and shady straight road leads to Kolymbia beach, lined on each side by majestic eucalyptus trees. Kolymbia beach is located about 24 kilometres from Rhodes Town along the eastern shore just south of, and overlooking, Afandou Bay. Kolymbia village was originally built by the Italians as a model farm village and the houses in this area are noted for their large chimneys.

Kolymbia resort consists of three beaches aside a large volcanic rock outcrop. The long, eucalyptus-shaded road ends at a small enclosed harbour.

The main Kolymbia beach is to the north. The beach is sand and shingle, curving slowly around the bay and very exposed with no natural shade. There are plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas and some natural tree shade near the harbour where a line of rocks lie just offshore.

Unfortunately large hotel block has been built behind the middle of the Kolymbia beach which does nothing to improve the view at what was once a very picturesque spot.

Tracks criss-cross the rock headland at Kolymbia and open up access to the cliffs and some splendid sea views. The area to the south of the headland has been swamped by hotels and apartments.

Eventually you reach a couple of smaller beaches. The first is small but attractive beach with a tiny harbour, almost enclosed by a circle of rock and a couple of small tavernas nearby. Beyond that lies a long, straight beach backed by a hotel apartment block.

The sand at this Kolymbia beach is slightly more coarse, but it is popular with families as the water is very shallow. There is stone and shingle offshore though, so many put on footwear before venturing out for a swim.

Sunbed umbrellas provide the only shade here. The Kolymbia beaches have the usual facilities as well as watersports.

rhodes ialysos

Ialysos is one of the three ancient cities of the holiday island of Rhodes. Ancient Ialyssos is located at the summit of a fortified hill at Filerimos about 15 km away from the city of Rhodes.

rhodes monolithos castle

A favourite day trip destination for the island of Rhodes' coach tour operators the jaw dropping Monolithos castle is perched on the summit of a sheer 236 metre high rock outcrop.

rhodes butterfly valley

The butterfly valley of Rhodes is located on the west of the island about five kilometres south of the village of Theologos and this is one of the most attractive destinations on the island.

rhodes palace of grand master

Rhodes has been dubbed the Crusader Island thanks to its extraordinary wealth of medieval forts and monuments but nowhere is more impressive than the Old City area of Rhodes itself.

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