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Paradise Mykonos beach guide

Mykonos Paradise Beach

The premier party beach on Mykonos is packed with youngsters throughout the season.

By noon the beach is busy, by 4pm it is heaving and the daily beach party begins with beach bars ramping up the volume as customers down cocktails.

Young people have been descending on Paradise since the 60s when it was a favourite with backpacking hippies.

It's a lot less laid-back now. Beach bars line the edge of the sands and the sharp, coarse sand is covered in closely crammed sun loungers.

Waiters trawl the loungers to take drink and food orders before girls get the crowds revved up for evening beach parties that can last well into the next day.

There is nudity here which, along with the drinking and dancing, makes this a beach where families are unwise to take the kids.

Despite the noise and mayhem, Paradise is a little more laid back than neighbouring Super Paradise but that's not saying much.

Loud music plays for the whole day from a trio of bars so it's a little like an outdoor beach club.

Visitors will find restaurants, cafes and bars galore with prices surprisingly reasonable for such a popular beach.

There is the wide range of watersports — jet skis, water skiing, snorkeling, parasailing, banana boats and so on as well as a scuba diving centre.

A large campsite adjoins the beach that also has apartments, beach cabins and showers under the trees.

With such huge numbers, the beach can get scruffy and dirty with visitors reporting broken bottles, cigarette butts and such.

It is more pebble than sand and underwater rocks can make paddling difficult. Planes also fly over the beach just to add to the din.

Paradise is a beach for those that want to party. If you want good sand, clear water and a quieter time there are much nicer beaches on Mykonos.

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