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Agrari Mykonos beach guide

Agrari Beach Mykonos

The beach at Agrari is much less commercialised than its neighbours and it makes a pleasant change for holiday visitors looking for a rest from the party mayhem of neighbouring sands.

It's just a five minute short stroll along the Rainbow Flag path from the much larger and more popular party beach of Elia, Agrari has a much more sedate outlook and far fewer visitors.

The approach to Agrari is usually on foot along the coastal path from the Elia Beach bus stop or by car down a sickeningly steep hill along a narrow winding road — the main reason that buses don't drop off here.

There is a small amount of parking close to the beach. Water taxis also arrive daily throughout the summer with their holiday visitors.

Beach facilities are fewer here with just one regular taverna and a beach cantina that usually opens in the summer to provide drinks and the basics.

The beach restaurant serves organic food and has a good reputation for its menu, taste and affordable prices. It also offers toilets and showers.

Sunbeds are available, with a drinks service, but there is also plenty of space to lay down a beach towel in the many quiet spots to enjoy the sunshine and clear waters. Even more privacy can be found in the coves along the shore.

The beach is a deep stretch of sharp sand and pebbles but it does bank steeply along the shoreline and into the sea so Agrari is a not a particularly good beach for families with small children.

Nudity may also be a problem for families and it's also a favourite haunt of gay holidaymakers although, like most Mykonos beaches, the clientele is very varied.

Various watersports are offered in the centre of the beach. Agrari is a quiet, unpretentious beach that rarely gets crowded.

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