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Agia Anna is south-facing and sheltered from the northerly meltemi winds by low hills and a long line of bamboo fencing.

Several rows of sunbeds are laid over the best of the sand and a few small trees provide a little shade.

To the east, a rocky outcrop forms a kidney-shaped headland where a small harbour nestles on the north facing shore.

Behind the beach the land rises to a large car park off the dirt road that leads to the neighbouring beach of Kalafatis, just a kilometre or so to the north.

On the hillside the Daktilidis Village holiday complex of 25 rooms and a couple of studios and apartments can be reached up a flight of stone steps.

To the west, the Anastasia Hotel village complex of 85 apartments sits on the rocks overlooking the shoreline and provides a beach bar and taverna for guests and visitors that overlooks the beach.

The hotels and bamboo enclosures suggest this is a private beach but it isn't. Visitors tell of a pleasant but coarse sand beach away from the crowds, quiet with a relaxed charm and just a few simple amenities courtesy of the nearby hotels.

The shoreline is gently shelved and the clear water calm within the large bay so it's good for families with young children, although underwater rocks can be a problem.

Toilets are available in the hotels, both about five minutes walk, and a small beach cantina opens in the summer. Some visitor find the loud music piped over the sand a little irritating.

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