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Porto Katsiki beach guide Lefkas

Lefkas Porto Katsiki

Photo: Dusko Tasic

Porto Katsiki is one of the best known beaches in Lefkas, if not the whole of Greece. A dramatic backdrop of sheer limestone cliffs, white sands and emerald waters also make this one of the most photogenic beaches. Porto Katsiki is in the south of the island, about 40 kilometres from Lefkas Town. It is regularly voted one of the top beaches in Europe.

Porto Katsiki attracts many thousands of visitors even though it is quite remote. Access by road can be difficult with some narrow lanes and sharp bends to negotiate after the village of Athani, but those that make it eventually reach a huge car park.

Many avoid the long and winding drive by taking one of the regular boats from Nidri and Vassiliki. Boat trippers also avoid climbing down the wooden steps from the towering cliffs above.

Porto Katsiki beach is long and sandy but divided by a massive landslide. that splits the beach in two The beach appears to have been sculpted out of the cliff face, but experts insist there is no longer any danger from rockfalls.

Early arrivals find the whole west-facing beach in shade until about 11am. In the afternoon the beach shrinks to half its normal depth as the waves encroach.

The biggest problem for Porto Katsiki is the numbers, especially in August when traffic can jam the narrow road above and the beach is heaving with sunbathers.

A car park, tavernas and snack bars can be found on top of the stairs — about 100 or so steps and there are no toilet facilities on Porto Katsiki beach.

Whether you are an experienced diver, a beginner, or just a snorkeler, Greece has a seabed for you. Andy Cornish swims in one of the world's best aquatic park.

Faneromi Monastery

Set on a pine-clad hill above the capital town of Lefkada, the Monastery of Faneromeni, dedicated to the Virgin Mary (Panagia) has panoramic views over the whole area.

lefkas santa maura castle

The fortress of Santa Maura may have suffered earthquake, fire and bombs but it still stands guard on the island of Lefkas where a narrow bridge links the island to mainland Greece.

meganissi boat

Meganissi lies six kilometres south of the major Lefkas holiday resort of Nidri and excursion boats attract plenty of day trippers to taste the delights of this sleepy offshore idyll.

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