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Lefkas Vlicho

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The Geni or Yeni peninsula in Lefkas wraps around Vlicho Bay and lies directly opposite the busy main Lefkas resort of Nidri.

The Geni peninsula is considered the more 'exclusive' area of Nidri, backed by dense wooded hills and dotted with luxury villas and upmarket waterfront tavernas.

The east side of the Geni peninsula has views across to Meganissi and the other satellite islets while the west side faces Nidri and encloses the large bay of Vlicho.

There are a few beaches and some small resorts around Vlicho Bay. Nearest to Nidri is Desimi beach, mostly stone and pebbles, both on the narrow beach itself and under water but it has a good beach taverna. It is enclosed by a large campsite.

Vlycho village gives its name to the bay and lies at the southern end. It is little more than a series of roadside berths for boats- a playground for motorboats and small yachts. There are waterfront tavernas, shops, boat hire and a watersports centre here.

The main road heads inland and south while a smaller road follows the shore into the Geni peninsula proper. The village resort of Geni is midway along the western shore of the peninsula.

Geni has a few traditional houses, four waterside tavernas and a mini-market. It is about 10 minutes from Nidri by car and just half that by boat. Luxury villas and apartments line the shore beneath the densely wooded Geni hillside of olive and citrus groves.

On this hillside are tiny villages such as Paliokatouna and Neochori where an unhurried way of life survives and donkeys are still used for transport.

There are magnificent panoramic views here over the offshore islands and south Lefkas — even the mountains of mainland Greece.

Whether you are an experienced diver, a beginner, or just a snorkeler, Greece has a seabed for you. Andy Cornish swims in one of the world's best aquatic park.

Faneromi Monastery

Set on a pine-clad hill above the capital town of Lefkada, the Monastery of Faneromeni, dedicated to the Virgin Mary (Panagia) has panoramic views over the whole area.

lefkas santa maura castle

The fortress of Santa Maura may have suffered earthquake, fire and bombs but it still stands guard on the island of Lefkas where a narrow bridge links the island to mainland Greece.

meganissi boat

Meganissi lies six kilometres south of the major Lefkas holiday resort of Nidri and excursion boats attract plenty of day trippers to taste the delights of this sleepy offshore idyll.

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