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A boat trip to Pserimos

Avlakia beach Pserimos

Photo: Tim Hitchens

One of the best offshore islets of Kos.

Few visitors to the popular holiday resort of Kos Town will fail to notice the harbour and the scores of boats moored to the quay side offering excursion trips all over the island.

Among the many offers will be a day trip to some of the offshore islets of Kos and, of these, day excursions to nearby Pserimos is bound to feature.

Pserimos is a tiny islet located between the larger islands of Kos and Kalymnos. It is only a few kilometres off the north of Kos and close to the mainland coast of Turkey.

Despite its small size, only about 15 kilometres square, it is an immensely popular day out because of its main attraction — a huge crescent swathe of golden sand set in a shallow, sheltered bay of electric blue water.

The beach is long and deep with soft sand that has the texture of finely ground flour and along the shoreline sits a row of shady beach tavernas offering a perfect day out for those looking for a lazy afternoon in the sun.

Small, rolling hills curve around both side of the horseshoe bay to provide shelter and ensure gentle lapping waves along the beach while short quays, built on both of the headlands, offer easy moorings for the daily excursion boats that arrive from both Kos and Kalymnos.

The main beach on Pserimos is called Avlakia and the lovely stretch of golden sand is quickly covered in sunbathing tourists while the tavernas tables fill up with those who prefer the shade.

The beach is so long it hardly ever seems crowded even when the excursion boats are queuing up to disgorge their sun loving passengers.

Avlakia beach on Pserimos is so fine that some tourists choose to base themselves on the island, although there is little to do here other than bathe in the turquoise water, laze on the golden sands or sit in the shade of the tavernas.

The island's permanent population numbers only about 100 and, although there is a little fishing to be done, most are now engaged in the tourist trade. Several island houses offer rooms to let and there are always beds to be had above the beach-front tavernas.

For those that want to explore, there are a couple more beaches on Pserimos but they are a little disappointing compared to the sands of Avlakia.

There is a beach cove at Vathy on the north coast, only a 30 minute walk from Avlakia along a well-marked trail. It is reasonably sandy but often strewn with litter blown in by the northern winds.

Another small cove of pebble and shingle can be found at Marathounda, on the west coast, but it's a longer 45 minute walk to get to it. Unfortunately there are few trees on Pserimos so walkers are well advised to wear sun hats and carry plenty of water.

A morning ferry from Kalymnos docks in each morning to keep the island and its tavernas well stocked with food and drink for the island inhabitants and the daily visitors over the summer season.

Greek Island Holidays

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