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Paradise beach guide Kos

Across the bay from Kefalos and Kamari are a string of beaches that merge into each other along the south coast. They are hugely popular despite there being no village or resort as such, just mile after mile of golden sand. It is hard to tell where one beach starts and another ends. Beaches all have Greek names but they are more often referred to by Anglicised versions.

The beach names usually refer to some local characteristic feature or the to name of a local beach bar or taverna.

The first, heading east along the bay east of Kamari is the Kamila or Camel beach where there is a small port, some good sands and several fish tavernas.

Beyond that, still heading east, is the main beach of Paradise, very often referred to a Bubbles beach because volcanic bubbles emerge from the sand some way offshore.

There is good sand here, plenty of sun beds and water sports. Beach tavernas line the back of the beach and Paradise is probably the most popular beach strip of them all. Access to Paradise beach is good with a paved road all the way and parking near the beach.

Go further east and the sands blend into other beaches with little to separate them. Langades, more often called Banana, then yet another beach known as Sunny followed by Poleni or Magic beach.

Magic beach is very wide and has soft sand but the beach slopes steeply into the sea so children will have to be watched. There are also large slippery rocks along the shoreline.

Here the crowds gradually thin out as the beach gets narrower. Nevertheless they still offer sun beds, water sports and beach tavernas.

Finally there is Xerokambos, also called Exotic beach. This is a favourite beach for naturists and beyond the sun beds is a long stretch of empty sand where there are plenty of hidden spots among the large dunes. Dirt tracks and footpaths leads to several secluded beach coves.

As cycling on Kos has grown in popularity any number of bike rental outfits have sprung up to cater for the demand and its not unusual to see whole families out on a holiday jaunt to the beach .Cycling is a great way to discover the island of kos.

Ag Ioannis Thymanos

With it's pleasant climate and sandy beaches Kos is always a popular choice with British holidaymakers. Most resorts are right next to the beach and feature exquisite Mediterranean scenery.

kos town excavations

Kos Town was once considered one of the most beautiful coastal centres of the ancient world and fortunately, the ruins of many ancient buildings are open to the public today.

Avlakia beach Pserimos

Pserimos is a tiny islet found between the larger islands of Kos and Kalymnos and popular with day trippers . It is just a few kilometres from Kos and close to the coast of Turkey.

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