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Mastihari or Mastichari lies almost directly north of Kos airport and, having a decent port, takes a lot of through traffic, with island-hopping tourists flying into Kos and picking up a ferry for visits to the rest of the Dodecanese islands. Mastichari has a large beach of white sand to the west of the harbour is backed by a few tamarisk trees and a string of pleasant beach tavernas.

The Mastichari resort sits on the north coast, west of Marmari and Tingaki and about 33 kilometres from Kos Town.

This It is not only a port though — Mastihari has an attractive beach and has become one of the growing tourist destinations on Kos with rapid, but fairly tasteful, tourist development in recent years.

Sunbeds by the score are strung out along the area of Mastihari beach that is nearest to the resort but visitors don't have far to walk far if they prefer to get away from the crowds as the sand stretch far to the west.

Parts of the beach have been know to suffer from thick banks of seaweed but the local authorities have taken measures to clean up the sands and many areas are no free of weed and debris.

The beach area nearest the resort and port is the stoniest and the drop into the sea is also quite sharp so children need to be watched but the further you get from the resort the sandier the beach becomes.

Mastihari village centre has been turned into a pedestrianised network of small alleys, with shops and cafes that line the small walkways. Recent improvements have also been made along the shore, with a promenade for that evening stroll.

Mastihari has regular daily buses to Kos Town and there is mooring in the relatively large port. Mastihari is also an excellent base for island hopping, with hydrofoils and ferries call in on their way to other Dodecanese islands both north and south.

As cycling on Kos has grown in popularity any number of bike rental outfits have sprung up to cater for the demand and its not unusual to see whole families out on a holiday jaunt to the beach .Cycling is a great way to discover the island of kos.

Ag Ioannis Thymanos

With it's pleasant climate and sandy beaches Kos is always a popular choice with British holidaymakers. Most resorts are right next to the beach and feature exquisite Mediterranean scenery.

kos town excavations

Kos Town was once considered one of the most beautiful coastal centres of the ancient world and fortunately, the ruins of many ancient buildings are open to the public today.

Avlakia beach Pserimos

Pserimos is a tiny islet found between the larger islands of Kos and Kalymnos and popular with day trippers . It is just a few kilometres from Kos and close to the coast of Turkey.

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