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Marmari beach guide Kos

Marmari lies along the north coast of Kos about 15 kilometres from Kos Town and a walkable distance from the neighbouring holiday beach at Tingaki. It's mostly good, soft sand with a just few stones and some shingle dotted here and there. Marmari beach is gently shelving along the shoreline so it is a fine holiday beach for families with children.

Seaweed blown in by the northerly winds can be a problem all along this part of the Kos coast. Wind can be a problem on the north-facing Marmari beach and seas can get choppy with big breakers on the windiest days although these are relatively infrequent in the summer months.

Several all-inclusive holiday complexes have been built along the shoreline and although there is little in the way of Greek village character there are miles of beach to enjoy.

Blocks of tavernas stand at the back of Marmari beach and the staff working in the tavernas and cafes that offer sunbeds have a reputation for cleaning the beach each day, raking the sand and clearing up any litter that has been left by holidaymakers.

The beach is long, flat, deep and sandy with small dunes behind. The water is also shallow so this is a good beach for family holidays.

Despite a wealth of hotels nearby the beach is big enough to soak up the crowds and quiet spots can always be found in the dunes. The islands of Pserimos and Kalymnos are easily visible offshore.

Just inland from Marmari, about five kilometres from the shore, is the attractive village of Pyli where there are more tavernas and cafes to enjoy and many holidaymakers pay a visit.

There are frequent buses to Marmari beach from Kos Town and boat moorings can be found in the small Marmari port.

As cycling on Kos has grown in popularity any number of bike rental outfits have sprung up to cater for the demand and its not unusual to see whole families out on a holiday jaunt to the beach .Cycling is a great way to discover the island of kos.

Ag Ioannis Thymanos

With it's pleasant climate and sandy beaches Kos is always a popular choice with British holidaymakers. Most resorts are right next to the beach and feature exquisite Mediterranean scenery.

kos town excavations

Kos Town was once considered one of the most beautiful coastal centres of the ancient world and fortunately, the ruins of many ancient buildings are open to the public today.

Avlakia beach Pserimos

Pserimos is a tiny islet found between the larger islands of Kos and Kalymnos and popular with day trippers . It is just a few kilometres from Kos and close to the coast of Turkey.

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