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Myrtos beach guide Kefalonia

Kefalonia Myrtos

Myrtos beach is probably the most famous on Kefalonia, if not the whole of Greece, and regularly voted one of Europe's most beautiful. Myrtos beach isn't actually all that great — just a sweep of white limestone pebbles — but the setting is one of the most spectacular in Greece with the stony beach sat at the base of sheer limestone cliffs.

Myrtos beach can be better to admire and to photograph than to actually visit. You will need a car to get down to Myrtos beach which lies at the end of a scarily steep one kilometre road.

The descent was once a nightmare of rough track but at least it has now been surfaced.
Nevertheless there are many unfenced hairpin bends to negotiate, so it's not for the nervous or the foolhardy. There is plenty of room to park on Myrtos beach once you get there.

Myrtos beach is made up of round limestone pebbles of all sizes. Footwear is essential as the stones are banked up like waves and walking barefoot on the hot stones is both difficult and painful.

There is a very sharp drop into the sea at the waters' edge and waves often crash mightily onto the shore, turning the whole of the Myrtos shoreline a milky turquoise.
Myrtos is not a beach for none-swimmers and even strong swimmers should stay close to the shore as currents are notoriously difficult here.

Large and slippery stones on the shoreline make it very difficult to get back on shore once in the water.

Myrtos beach is also not the place to fall asleep on a waterbed — winds can carry you out quickly, strong undercurrents can be dangerous and it can be hard work paddling back to the beach.

There is no natural shade on Myrtos beach and it's very exposed, although the steep cliffs behind will provide some shade in the morning. At noon Myrtos beach is like a slow bake oven as the sun's rays reflect off the stones and the white limestone cliffs.

There is a small cave at the end of the beach worth exploring. Expensive sunbeds line the shore and portable toilets. A small shop sits at the top of the hill and a basic cantina opens on the beach in the summer.

kefalonia Monastery of Kipoureon

Kefalonia is not just a holiday island of sea and sand, it also has some very impressive monasteries that are not only in delightful settings but also house some important relics.

Assos Fortress

The word 'stunning' is often overused in the world of travel writing. Very few vistas can be described as truly stunning, but the fortress at Assos is certainly a contender.

kefalonia st georges castle

The Castle of St George or Agios Giorgios is one of the best known and most visited historic sites on the Greek holiday island of Kefalonia with panoramic views in all directions.

kefalonia melissani cave lake

At Melissani Lake cave in Kefalonia light streams through an open roof to a shimmering blue lake of almost ethereal beauty. Melissani Lake is an astonishing sight at any time.

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