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Kefalonia Katelios

Located in the south east of Kefalonia, Katelios is a long flat beach with large turtle nesting dunes at the western end. The former fishing village has gown into a modest tourist resort in recent years.

The beach strip has a few tavernas and shops beneath a line trees and, about a kilometre inland, are tourist apartments set in verdant shady groves of olive and citrus.

Katelios began life as an overspill resort from nearby Skala but it has now grown into a tourist resort in its own right. Although development is relatively low key, new apartment blocks and hotels are springing up all the time.

Katelios is located in the south-east of Kefalonia, about 25 kilometres from Argostoli. It is long and flat and has as a large turtle nesting beach at the western end.

Katelios was originally a small fishing village but only a few boats now use the small harbour and tourism is the main moneyspinner these days.

Now little more than a tourist beach resort Katelios has two main parts. The beachside strip has a few tavernas and shops beneath a string of large trees while, set back inland and about one kilometre from the beach, are the bulk of the apartment blocks along a road that cuts through olive and citrus groves.

Katelios is down as one of the friendliest resorts on Kefalonia, with taverna owners and shopkeepers all very welcoming.

Katelios beach is not as good as neighbouring Skala, just a narrow strip of sandy shingle with rocks and pools to add interest. It is gently sloping into the sea, go good for families with children.

Katelios is a good base if you enjoy walking. There are plenty of footpaths and the area is noted for it wild flowers and rare birds. There are also the loggerhead turtles which nest nearby and a Katelios environmental group has set up a small museum and information centre by the bus stop just outside Kato Katelios.

The beach is sandy and clean but visitors are asked to respect the nesting grounds. There are details on www.kateliosgroup.org.

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Other places of interest around Katelios are the wine estates of Mavrata, noted for their Robolla wines and the Sissia Monastery and church of the Virgin of the Snakes.

To the east are a series of beaches headed by Potomakia beach where the loggerhead turtles nest. There are guides who will take you to see them from June to September. Visitors that go without guides are discouraged.

The Marine Turtle Project records the nests and is staffed by volunteers from all over the world.

There is a trail of blue ribbon to guide visitors past the nest sites to the next beach at Kaminia, a pleasant spot with good sandy beach, a cantina and shallow water, now backed by several holiday apartments.

These beach coves are collectively called Mounda and comprise some pleasant sandy bays that reach towards the cape and even more turtle nesting grounds.

Shallow waters make coves along this part of the coast ideal for families, although you must stay near the shoreline and away from the turtle nesting sites. Visitors in the turtle nesting season must leave before dusk as the turtles lay their eggs at night.

Members of the Katelios Conservation Group regularly patrol the beach to discourage beach barbecues and they often hand out leaflets to sunbed users to educate them about the disturbance of the turtle nests.

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Kefalonia is not just a holiday island of sea and sand, it also has some very impressive monasteries that are not only in delightful settings but also house some important relics.

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The word 'stunning' is often overused in the world of travel writing. Very few vistas can be described as truly stunning, but the fortress at Assos is certainly a contender.

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The Castle of St George or Agios Giorgios is one of the best known and most visited historic sites on the Greek holiday island of Kefalonia with panoramic views in all directions.

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