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Fiscardo is now so popular it's a bit like a mini-Mykonos. That doesn't stop it being a favourite on the day trip circuit — by bus and boat. Fiscardo can heave with visitors at any time especially in July and August.

Wealthy boat owners moor their luxury yachts in the bay and in high summer you must kill for a waterside taverna table.

Fiskardo sits at the northern tip of Kefalonia, about 50 kilometres from Argostoli, and is the main village of the Erissos peninsula. Ferries from neighbouring Lefkas and Ithaca dock here, as do scores of luxury yachts and flotilla groups, although many of the latter divert to cheaper moorings at Agia Efimia to the south.

Much of Fiscardo is now pedestrianised, with a large car park near the harbour, although you will probably have problems finding a space. Often packed with visitors the area around the port can get incredibly busy at ferry times as coaches and cars disembark. The heavy boat traffic can make it hard work getting in and out.

Fiscardo is little more than a cluster of renovated houses, tavernas and apartments that hug the shoreline with wooded hills behind. Fiskardo is a popular spot for day trippers and one of the main stops on round-island coach tours.

Few but the rich can now afford to actually stay in Fiscardo as prices have become prohibitive. The place is notoriously expensive even by Kefalonia standards.

Many buildings here survived the 1953 earthquake and Fiscardo trades on its Venetian architectural heritage. Much of Fiscardo now looks more twee than historic, as houses have been repainted, replastered and retiled to chocolate box perfection. Like a fading movie star with one too many facelifts it's hard to tell how old much of it is.

The Fiscardo museum has interesting exhibits of natural history and there are some Roman graves down by the waterfront, though they are poorly maintained and collect rubbish and seaweed. The area has lots of good walking with many trails kept open and marked by environmental groups.

There are many footpaths along the coast including one to the Venetian and British-built lighthouses. The 16th century lighthouse is a noted landmark. It has been unused since 1892 when the Victorian lighthouse was built nearby.

Many Fiscardo visitors hire boats to explore the coastline and there are daily cruises to the nearby islands of Lefkas, Meganissi, Skorpios and Ithaca. A ferry runs in the summer to Vassiliki, south Lefkas, calling at Frikes on Ithaca.

Fiskardo has a secluded pebble beach and flat rocks at nearby Emblissi with shallow waters and views across to Ithaca. The beach is small and can get busy in high season. Kimilia is a small beach just beyond Emblissi, about 15min through hilly woodland where there is a small, quiet bay.

kefalonia Monastery of Kipoureon

Kefalonia is not just a holiday island of sea and sand, it also has some very impressive monasteries that are not only in delightful settings but also house some important relics.

Assos Fortress

The word 'stunning' is often overused in the world of travel writing. Very few vistas can be described as truly stunning, but the fortress at Assos is certainly a contender.

kefalonia st georges castle

The Castle of St George or Agios Giorgios is one of the best known and most visited historic sites on the Greek holiday island of Kefalonia with panoramic views in all directions.

kefalonia melissani cave lake

At Melissani Lake cave in Kefalonia light streams through an open roof to a shimmering blue lake of almost ethereal beauty. Melissani Lake is an astonishing sight at any time.

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