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Antisamos beach guide Kefalonia

Kefalonia Antisamos

Antisamos is a popular beach on the east coast of Kefalonia and often used by visitors staying in the nearby port resort of Sami.

Once famously quiet and often deserted its fame has grown since movie scenes for Captain Corelli's Mandolin were shot here. No longer deserted now has the benefit of beach facilities and a large taverna.

Antisamos beach is set in an attractive horseshoe bay with hills climbing steeply on either side. Former fields at the back of the beach that were once home to only goats have been graced with a large taverna and car park.

A car is the only way to reach this beach unless you care for a long and steep three kilometre walk along a narrow road. There are very good views across Antisamos bay as you descend the road, but care must be taken with potholes.

Antisamos beach is covered in sparkling white pebbles which continue under water to create a very deep aquamarine shimmer that is very attractive. Unfortunately the beach can also collect gobs of tar oil from passing ships, notably at the western end.

Antisamos beach has little natural shade and it is quite exposed except for a few clumps of olive trees at the eastern end that provide a little natural protection.

A large taverna is now open at the back of the beach and cars park the length of a dirt track that runs between the taverna and the beach. Sunbeds are for hire but they are expensive and crammed closely together.

The stones on Antisamos dip very sharply into the sea so this is not a beach to leave children unsupervised. Antisamos beach however is ideal for snorkeling as the white stones provide a very clear view of the sea bed.

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