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Greek Island ferry schedules

2014 ferry schedules released early.

Greek Island ferry companies have surprised holidaymakers by releasing details of their 2014 schedule months ahead of their usual announcement date. In previous years, tourists planning an island hopping break often had to wait until late May for dates to be released and planning your Greek Island holiday was very hit and miss.

The delay was not only frustrating for holidaymakers, but also irritating for travel companies hoping to provide Island Hopping cruises as part of a package deal. We would hope that additional months of negotiation between ferry operators and package holiday firms will yield some interesting deals for consumers.

Now, major players such as Blue Star Ferries, ANEK Lines (pictured), SeaJets and Hellenic Seaways have all published their routes in full all the way through to September 2014.

The only notable operator who hasn't released their dates is Aegean Speed Lines, although the company is expected to release their entire timetable as of early November. Smaller operators are expected to follow suit, which should provide Greek Island Hoppers all the information they need to plan next year's break.

Aegean Speed Lines is expected to officially announce its schedules in early November and most of the remaining ferry operators are expected to follow suit over the next few weeks.

So far, Blue Star has released all the routes from Athens to the Dodecanese and Cyclades Islands. SeaJets and Aegean Speed Lines have released their routes to the Cyclades, and Hellenic Seaways have released a plethora of routes using their high-speed ferries. The Hellenic routes include the Cyclades, Crete, Chios, Nissos, Mykonos and Skiathos. They are also running additional services to the North Aegean islands.

These early schedules will allows travellers to plan their trip early and so cash in on the significant lower price deals and special early booking offers that are often available for flights, hotels, ferries and other holiday packages.

Full details of the routes released so far are detailed below for Bluestar, Hellenic and SeaJets:


Athens to Dodekanissos — Piraeus — Syros — Patmos — Leros — Kos — Rhodes
Athens to Santorini — Piraeus — Paros — Naxos — Ios — Santorini
Athens to Northern Aegean islands — Piraeus — Chios — Mytilini
Athens to Mykonos — Piraeus — Syros — Tinos — Mykonos
Routes connecting Santorini to Dodekanissos — Piraeus — Santorini — Kos — Rhodes
Athens secondary port of Rafina to the Cyclades — Rafina — Mykonos — Paros — Naxos — Ios

Hellenic Seaways

Athens to the Cyclades — Piraeus — Paros — Naxos — Piraeus — Ios — Santorini — Piraeus — Syros — Mykonos
the Athens secondary port of Rafina to the Cyclades — Rafina — Tinos — Mykonos — Paros — Naxos — Koufonissia — Amorgos
Crete to the Cyclades — Heraklio — Santorini — Naxos — Paros — Mykonos
Athens to the Northern Aegean Islands — Piraeus — Chios — Mytilini (Lesvos)
Athens to the Cyclades and Eastern Aegean Islands — Piraeus — Syros — Mykonos -Ikaria (Evdilos) — Kalovassi (Samos)
Volos and Agios Konstantinos ports to the Sporades Islands — Volos — Skiathos — Glossa — Skopelos — Alonissos — Express Pegasus: Agios Konstantinos — Skiathos — Skopelos — Alonissos


Athens to the Cyclades — Piraeus — Syros — Mykonos — Naxos — Santorin — Piraeus — Sifnos — Milos — Folegandros — Santorini — Ios — Naxos — Mykonos
Crete to the Cyclades — Heraklio — Santorini — Naxos — Paros — Mykonos
Athens to the Cyclades — Piraeus — Mykonos — Naxos — Ios — Santorini

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